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Domaine Batard Langelier

The Batard-Langelier domaine strives to enhance the value of AOP Muscadet and restore the fine reputation it once had.
Melon de Bourgogne, the only grape variety used in the Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine appellation, is grown on 95% of the domaine’s vineyards. All four of us winemakers seek to express the diversity of the land in our various wines, by vinifying parcels separately and blending to produce fresh and approachable wines.

Jérémie Batard Domaine Batard Langelier

The domaine treats its vineyards with respect

Pascal, who learnt everything he knows from his father (Denis Batard), is determined to express the essence of the appellation through his wines. His Muscadet is made in the purest tradition of the Nantais vineyards. That’s how he likes it. He firmly believes that behind the evolution of the market towards technical and benchmark wines, hides the bleakness of standardised tastes and the death of terroir wines. He is fully aware of the increasing fragility in biodiversity and is making strides towards more organic-focused farming, abandoning the use of chemical fertilizers in 1995.

In 2014, after several years working by his father’s side, Jérémie decided to take this approach to the next level. He began by working on the soil, the first stage of organic conversion, the first step towards wines that are more expressive, and wonderful ambassadors of this coastal terroir.

We channel all our love and all our time into the domaine. In order to produce high quality wines, there are no more than four of us, all year round! The fruits of our labour must allow us to go on producing and vinifying increasingly better wines, to focus on farming techniques that are even more respectful of the environment, and make you the wines you enjoy.